When upside-down is the right way around

The aim of the game Jenga, is to remove brick by brick from a tower made of layers of bricks, without causing the whole tower to fall.
But now what would happen if your strategy was to pull down the tower? You might allow the bricks to be piled on top of a strategically-placed brick and then in a moment, move that said brick, causing the whole structure to collapse.
One move, and everything changes.

By Heather Djunga

It’s the same with a snowglobe. When you want to make snow – you turn the snowglobe upside down, let the snow settle… then, turn everything around.
In a moment, the streets of the little city inside are transformed by a blanket of white snow.

In both examples, one move, one Word, is all it takes to turn things around, to pull things down.

It would seem everything is on top of that brick. It would seem everything is upside down for that snowglobe.

But it’s all a matter of perspective.

The enemy has you surrounded? Feel’s like everything’s on top of you? Not according to the Lord.
He has placed you strategically like that Jenga brick. He has sneaked you into the enemy’s camp and His Spirit in you is able to move in just the right way at just the right moment to detonate you in an explosion of His glory, to break ground for His kingdom through you, to reveal His Majesty to the witnesses He has gathered.

Scripture makes it clear that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts,not our thoughts.

Maybe some stuff has been placed over you, around you – some stuff has been turned around because He has set the stage for His glory.

One twist of the hand, and snow falls and everything changes.

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©Copyright Heather Djunga 2018.

Author: Heather Djunga

You would die for Him but will you live for Him? What would happen if one person - you - committed to live out loud for Him? ©Copyright Heather Djunga 2018.The creative concepts, drawings and writing on this site cannot be reproduced without the expressed permission of the author and artist

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