“But I am this person”


Have the courage to be you – because it’s for Him

An extract from Phoebe in Wonderland:

“I want to tell you something which may not
make any sense.
But I should say it just so that one day,
you might remember it,
and maybe it will
make you feel better.
At a certain point in your life,
probably when too much of it
has gone by…
you will open your eyes
and see yourself
for who you are…
especially for everything
that made you so different
from all the awful normals.
And you will say
to yourself…
‘But I am this person.’
And in that statement,
that correction,
there will be a kind of love.”

“I’m so scared.”

“We all are.”

By Heather Djunga

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and realise in me trying to gain the approval of others and fit in with their expectations, I put God in contempt by rejecting what He placed inside of me.
An apologetic roar from a lion or lioness would be no roar at all.

In our walk with the Lord, do we expect everyone to fit in with how we think people should be? Or do we love them as they are. Do we see what is frail and beautiful in them as weakness because of our preconceptions of strength? Do we assume that because their path looks different, ours’ is correct?
Do we stop to listen to what they have to say, those things that are true to them? Do we honour them for the courage of sharing what is most sacred to them, or do we make a judgment without every really hearing them?

How much could you learn if you just dared to listen?

You do not need to apologise for your story and for the song He wants to sing through you. Do not worry about those who cannot see its beauty, and who do not want to hear it or consider it.

Live for an audience of one.

Do not turn down the volume of what He has placed in you.

To those who feel like ‘ugly ducklings’ – maybe you’re exactly who He wants you to be. He has shaped you through your journey, He has done something beautiful through you, He has prepared you and one day, as in the story of the Ugly Duckling, you will understand… it was all a matter of perspective.

Out steps the swan.

“What sets you apart can feel like a burden, and it’s not. A lot of the time, it’s what makes you great.” (Emma Stone).

“God made me for a purpose, but He also made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure. ” – Eric Liddell.

“And you will say
to yourself…
‘But I am this person.'”

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©Copyright Heather Djunga 2018.

Author: Heather Djunga

You would die for Him but will you live for Him? What would happen if one person - you - committed to live out loud for Him? ©Copyright Heather Djunga 2018.The creative concepts, drawings and writing on this site cannot be reproduced without the expressed permission of the author and artist

2 thoughts on ““But I am this person””

  1. Wonderful post. Thank you. As a HUGE fan of Chariots of Fire, I particularly loved the quote by Eric Liddell!

    I have a good friend who is an older gentleman. He marvels at the faith exhibited by some young people in our church. He always says, “Lots of people don’t get there until they’re my age. And at my age, they’re just preppin’ for the final.”

    “Live for an audience of one.” Perfectly phrased. Praise God!

    Liked by 1 person

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