How would you have responded if you were there?

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I believe we are in a season of great harvest and they are coming in – desperate men and women who need the church to genuinely care about their lives and circumstances. Men and women who need committed guidance and care which will require something from us.

By Heather Djunga

In the story of the woman with the issue of blood, we read about how she offended everyone with her act of desperation in reaching through her brokenness to be heard by Jesus. But if we were there in the crowd, witnessing all of this, would we be among those who turned their faces away, not wanting to get involved and not wanting to hear?

This is my prayer for the church at this time: When someone reaches out, may we have the grace to respond appropriately and to recognise their act of courage in making themselves vulnerable to speak the truth about themselves. May we have the love of Jesus in our hearts to honour them in their brokenness and not be as the Pharisees, appalled by the desperation we see in them for a touch from Jesus.

May we see the value of the person to Jesus and have the wisdom to deal with them in a way that honours them and respects their brokenness, and leads them to a place of hope, instead of being so caught up in our church programme mentality we see their neediness as a nuisance and lose focus on the reason for our faith. Yes, programmes are good but sometimes Jesus interrupts our programmes to test our hearts. Sometimes He offends us to see what is really going on in us.

Who is this person reaching out desperate to touch Jesus’ hem? Will we be offended as so many were by the women with the issue of blood, that we turn our faces away and refuse to respond, speaking more about what’s really in our hearts by our silence than by anything our mouths proclaim.

Brokenness offends. But it’s the reason we were called to His work. The harvest is coming in. Let’s call on Him to equip us to embrace those who reach out, so that when they reach out in hurt and pain, there is a hand reaching back to lead them back to hope and wholeness.

(The Sketch Chronicles: 10 of 365)

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Author: Heather Djunga

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